students_arialThe flash-mob authorship will be physically located in the Learning Commons of Perry Library, but will be virtually available as well—anyone with an email address will be able to access and contribute to the project.
Please think about how you might be able to make use of this project in your coursework! If you have any ideas, please let us know so we can help to accommodate what will work for you.
Here are some ideas we’ve come up with:
• Redirect your class to the event
• Mention some possible course-relevant topics to students—how is your class concerned with or based on physical and virtual actions and interactions?
• Encourage students who choose to participate on a relevant topic to save their contributions for re-use in one of your written assignments
• If the process itself is relevant to your course, students could write something after the fact for course credit reflecting on the event and what they discovered about collaboration, authorship, the writing process, or the role of place in learning
• Organize your students around one or more relevant topics, using the event as an innovative and experimental venue for a group assignment

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