Topic Ideas

A starter list of possible topics:

  • The role of study abroad in the study of art history, and the possibilities and limitations of resources like ARTstor

  • Should we think about coding as foreign language study? Should there be a separate computer language requirement?

  • Opportunities and challenges of print versus electronic books

  • Can online political arguments support real, democratic change?

  • How dorm life can create (or destroy) “living-learning communities”

  • Limitations and opportunities created by using virtual objects in learning—virtual patients in nursing, engineering simulation, AutoCAD, etc.

  • Geographies of knowledge and digital divides

  • Do virtual interactions change our sense of identity? Will true virtual reality one day change our idea of what it is to be human?

  • What is the future of theatre in the age of YouTube?

  • What places and architecture at ODU mean for education

  • The future of authorship and authority as information production becomes increasingly digital and collaborative

  • How should we think about and respond to the unofficial virtual presence of the University in places like the “ODU Confessions” Facebook page?

  • How does lab science change as “labs” become more about computer modeling than about titration or dissection?

  • Gains, losses, challenges, and opportunities for access by persons with disabilities as knowledge and education become increasingly virtualized and online

  • What makes distance courses work or fail?

  • How to maintain a sense of community and a student cohort in online degree programs

  • Writing on the process of flash-mob writing itself, and the role of the physical and virtual spaces of the Learning Commons

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