Google Docs – Collaborating & Organizing

Depending on how many collaborators there are for your chapter and how you define your collaborative approach, there are multiple ways of organizing your project flow. Here are a few suggestions:

Identification: Unless you don’t want to be a named author, you should write your name at the top of the main document for each chapter. It’s probably best to do this immediately, so you don’t forget and miss out on being recognized as one of the authors of that chapter.

Folders: Ideally, each chapter, individually or collaboratively written, will be contained within a clearly labeled folder containing all supporting docs.

  • Create a subfolder for your project within the “master” Google Docs folder associated with the project.
  • Label your folder with your chapter title (a working title is fine).
  • Share the folder with the other collaborators directly related to that particular chapter.

Documents: Multiple documents within the folder will help streamline and organize your workflow. Many times, if only a few people are collaborating on a project, one or two documents within the folder will provide an adequate workspace. However, multiple docs that are clearly labeled could be useful, such as:

  • a “planning and outlining” doc
  • a “manuscript body” doc
  • an “images” and “video” doc—or images and links to video may be embedded into the body.

Video: If you’re working with video, it’s probably easiest to host the video on YouTube and link it into the document, but you should also be able to directly place video or other files into the shared folder for your chapter.

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