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ODU Writes a Book – Composing Sparks!

Welcome to ODU Writes a Book! We value your thoughts and ideas regarding how knowledge relates to virtual and physical places and are so excited to have you contribute to this event.

But, what exactly does that mean – the relationship(s) between knowledge and places, be they virtual or physical or an intersection somewhere between? Well, we’re on a mission to find out and need your help! That said, we know that beginning a composition of any kind (written, recorded, performed, image-based, etc.) can be difficult. As such, we’ve developed the following “sparks” and other resources to help you begin. These sparks are designed to help you enter the discussion and envision ways of contributing to this project. However, we don’t want you to feel obligated to address any one of these sparks, as your contribution is ultimately just that, yours.

Sparks – Ideas for Getting Started

  • How have the physical places of the university played a role in your experience at ODU?

    • Different classrooms and when they made classes better or worse

    • Distance education formats and structures

    • Classroom buildings as social/educational space

    • Res life as a successful (or less successful) part of a living-learning community

    • Field work, labs, and other non-classroom places of education and training

  • How is digitization or virtualization changing your field of study or work?

  • How is the move of our lives into more and more online places changing how you know others, and how you know yourself?

  • What is the future of education, or the future of the university, in an increasingly wired world?

  • What are some places that have been important to you—important personally, professionally, or in your life as a student? What has been important about those places? How can that importance be expressed—or is it beyond the reach of words and explanation?


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