Message to ODU Faculty

Dear faculty,

The ODU Writes a Book project begins next week, on Tuesday, 2/11, and I’m writing you now to remind you about it in time so that you’ve still got an opportunity to mention it to your students in class if you’re on either a TR or MWF schedule.

We’ll have a project launch event at 12:30 on Tuesday in the Learning Commons, and then writing will commence. Participants will be able to start their own chapters in new documents on the Google Drive, or simply jump into chapters already in progress. Contributions may be scholarly, informal, or creative writing—or video, photoessays, spoken word performance, or any other sort of engagement with the theme, “You are (w)here: How knowledge is related to virtual and physical place.” We’ll wrap up writing 24 hours later at 1:00 on Wednesday, 2/12, and then we’ll have a closing event, in which we’ll present some of the results and reflect on the experiment, at 12:30 on Thursday, 2/13.

We’re very excited about the event, and hope that you can help drum up further interest, excitement, and involvement by presenting it to your students, and possibly mentioning the theme’s relevance to your course or your field. We understand WVEC will be coming by to film the launch, that the event will be up on the front page of shortly, and that President Broderick will be speaking at the closing event on Thursday. This is a unique experiment and, if successful, may be of national or international interest.

Thanks for your interest and support. We hope to see great turnout from students—but we hope that faculty members will be well represented as well. Please consider whether you’ll be able to make some time during these 24 hours to drop in physically or virtually, see what’s going on, and contribute!


Dylan Wittkower


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