The Project

“You are (w)here: How knowledge is related to virtual and physical place.” To me, this could mean what exactly is our place that makes us feel like belong here. It doesn’t matter what this “place” is. It could be your bedroom, school, career you are doing, or even the exact moment. If you feel like you aren’t physically or mentally here, then it can’t possibly be your “place.” I’m still learning what my place is; I haven’t figured it out yet. It can be scary to not know whether you belong at a certain spot in your life. We all at some point in our lives find our spot. In the end, it doesn’t matter where it will be. What matters is if you’ll be the happiest you’ve ever been. I am still learning to understand this quote more, but I do understand it’s meaning the more I look and think about it.

Peyton Wolfe,

Ghost Monorail: Poems on the abandoned or disrupted

Ghost Monorail
(Poems on the abandoned or disrupted)

Luisa A. Igloria

12 February 2014


From my office
window, angle
of tree limbs in winter
offset by these un-
finished platforms.



Like that station
in Pound’s metro:

almost I see
the running stroke:

brush, clumps of color
that could be faces.



On summer evenings
if you closed your eyes,
sometimes it’s possible
to imagine standing
by the pillars of much
older ruins.



A grid defines
periphery, limits
of what we wanted
to deliver or

I kind of like
the unfinished—
how it lapses
into space
at the end.



This is
the real
is the dream
of every



Other than that,
we go about
our business:
no need to oil
our wheels
from too

Chapter ___: Technology and Happiness

Lot of different directions to go with this topic. I wouldn’t mind a discussion type chapter on how the meaning of happiness is in constant flux in our society.


-How can we make a life we’re happy with?

– good career? big family? travel? community?

– What role does/should money play in happiness?

– my personal belief is money should not affect happiness

– How can we dissociate ourselves with consumption and progress so that we can find happiness with what we have?